Special Video Selections

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Date Title Presenter
2019-06-29 "Through the Jungle" Vacation Bible Xperience 2019 Play
2019-06-22 "All We Ask" Kemmy Gichaba Play
2019-06-08 In the Depths of the Sea Doug Casey Play
2019-05-18 "He Touched Me" Brownsburg Praise Trio Play
2019-04-20 "The Cornerstone" Chapel West Choir Play
2019-04-20 "As We Come into His Presence" Chapel West Choir Play
2019-03-23 "Flower in the Rain" Kemmy Gichaba Play
2019-03-23 "Interpretive Dance Perfomance" Chapel west Youth Play
2019-01-05 "Blessings" Dr. Christina Romero Ivanova Play
2018-12-29 "I Will Go On" Danielle Masayile Play
2018-11-24 "Picture of Grace" Danielle Masayile Play
2018-11-17 "When We All Get to Heaven Chapel west Church Play
2018-09-29 "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me" Jim Ashley Play
2018-09-08 "No Longer Slaves" Ruth Gichaba Play
2018-09-01 "I Will Golry in the Cross" Danielle Masayile Play
2018-02-24 "He is Still on Time Danielle Masayile Play
2018-01-07 Can't Give Up Now Amanda & Crystal Play
2017-12-30 "Still" Ruth Gichaba" Play
2017-06-24 "Special Selection" Lanae Duncan Play
2017-05-27 "Because He Lives" Emmanuel Gichaba" Play
2017-05-13 "You Raised Me Up" Tee & Danielle Play
2015-07-11 "Your Grace Still Amazes Me" Danielle Masayile Play
2013-06-13 "Blessing in Disguise" Play